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Sea Freight

Why Ship Via

Sea Freight?


Hands down, ocean shipping offers the most competitive and economic freight costs to shippers, especially over longer distances,


Small shipments can be grouped with other cargo to fill a container, allowing for cost-sharing of the transportation services.


The industry is well-versed in the handling of hazardous materials and has regulations in place to ensure the safety of all.


The most carbon-efficient mode of transport, ships produce less exhaust gas emissions per ton of cargo than other methods.


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We can also offer a Purchase Order Procurement and Consolidation service whereby if you have more than one order/vendor we can consolidate your orders and reduce your transportation costs to ensure a much lower landed cost per shipment.

We will be happy to arrange insurance for your shipments on request at a very competitive rate. This will give you peace of mind while your shipments are in transit by Air or by Ocean.

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