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About Target Transport Services Ltd

Reliable International Freight Transport from Dublin Ireland across Europe Target’s European vehicle fleet reliably deliver for businesses across the UK and more and more European locations in just 48 hours. 

Target Transport Services Limited was founded in 1977 by Brian and his father Jim as haulage contractors. 

In 1977 Target signed its first contract to distribute next day pallets and parcels throughout Ireland for the then Pioneers of European next day services to Ireland Seaborne Express. Always committed Target added further high profile accounts such as Digital Computers, Dell, Apple Computers, Philips but to mention a few to its exclusive client base and quickly arrived in the haulage industry as serious contenders. 

Target’s next logical step was the branch into the UK import and export markets and formed an agency agreement in 1990 to the present day with Roadferry and Palletline Plc and soon became leading players in the pallet networks.

Target has never forgotten its roots and unlike many of its competitors who subcontract, Target invest in its own fleet. Unusual in Ireland Target run its own modern fleet of Trucks and trailers which gives them control and security much required these days. Target has always recognized that you’re only as good as your fellow colleagues thus its staff is the pinnacle of its operation, dismissing agency staff and drivers. 

Targets current staff are long term with over 10 year’s association with Target given 100% professionalism, commitment and satisfaction to all our clients. Nowadays Target are as strong as ever, a modest but profitable independent Company with a wide range of services whilst still creating and holding a family atmosphere.

THEN! 1991

NOW! 2019

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